AceOps Board of Directors

The AceOps board of directors is composed of multi-disciplined individuals that are involved the water and wastewater technology.

Members range from operations personnel involved in the day to day operations of plants to plant managers, to personnel working the lab, to educators providing training to individuals enrolled in vocational programs to individuals wanting to increase their knowledge so as to improve their ability to perform their daily functions more effectively.

Name Phone Cell    Email
Mark Simms (*)      712-662-7644    712-540-0583      Email
Steve Moehlmann (+)      515-3673149    515-367-1159      Email
Jake Groby      504-271-1681 ext 34    -      Email
Rick Graves      515-822-3800    515-450-2869      Email
Dennis D. Williams, Jr.      319-728-5218    479-757-7958      Email
Royce Stephens      641-637-4357    -      Email
Cody Resnink      712-348-3694    -      Email
Kenneth D. Goering      641-472-5218    641-919-1494      Email

(+) Executive Director & Secretary

(*) President