ALLIANCE of Certified Operators, Laboratory Analysts, Inspectors, and Specialists

Just who are we anyway, and why would you benefit from teaming up with us?

We are dedicated to improving professionalism; expanding training, certification, and job opportunities; increasing information exchange; and advocating the importance of certified operators, lab analysts, inspectors, and specialists.

We believe that certified wastewater and water operators, lab analysts, inspectors, and specialists deserve their own professional association, whose only interest is their needs, and whose only purpose is to advance them and the practice of operation.

AceOps gives a voice in our future and our profession, and provides us with our own association. Our most sincere goal is to provide you with the best tools, resources, and professional contacts.

This site belongs to AceOps members and we want to deliver the most complete and useful information that exists. We want you to be able to exchange your questions and ideas with peers- people in the same boat as you.What better way to learn?

Further, we provide some of the most outstanding training in the nation.